The demand for Logistics and Supply chain management, being the backbone of any trade, is omnipresence and ever increasing. Apart from its humongous size, the most overwhelming aspect of this trade of moving other trades is the complexity with which it has been branched out to cater an infinitely large list of commodities. One such branch exists to cater a very unique set of materials which IATA has categorized as Dangerous Goods (DG). This category comprises of goods as common as a smart phone and goods as rare as genetically modified organisms. Despite of proper packaging and handling, Shippers often find themselves stuck while transporting their goods globally.

IATA adds goods into DG category based on the possible repercussions, of their mishandling, on Human life and Environment. Batteries, for instance, no matter how common they are, are added to DG category by IATA. They are mostly safe when we use it but are virtually treated no less than a bomb by air and ocean liners. Based on the type of key Danger Material, DGs are categorised into nine classes, namely:

1)      Explosives

2)      Gases

3)      Flammable liquids

4)      Flammable Solids

5)      Oxidizing substances

6)      Toxic and Infectious Substances

7)      Radioactive materials

8)      Corrosives

9)      Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Within these classes and their subsequent sub-classes, each type of DG is well placed according to its nature and taxation requirements. Documentation process is class/subclass specific.

Keeping the complexity of this trade in mind, Skyways Group came up with the idea of D-TOX: End to End solution for transporting Dangerous Goods. With a team of dedicated freight handlers you can be sure that your shipment will reach its destination without any glitch. Officials handling the documentation process are IATA DGR certified. They undergo recurrent training to stay updated with changed rules and regulations. D-TOX officials are at your service right from the moment you decide to ship your produce or import some raw materials. You are under expert guidance for Packaging, Handling, Documentation and Custom clearance. Everything blends into one holistic solution with D-TOX.